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9 day winter cleanse

In the winter season where we are living in an environment that is cold and feels heavy, we have a tendency to move slower and our bodies can show excessive Kapha Doshic qualities. In the Ayurvedic Science, these qualities increase in our physical, mental and emotional body. Signs and symptoms of increased Kapha are for example: increased congestion in the lungs, colds that do not go away, feelings of heaviness, fogginess, dullness or sadness, sluggish digestion, weight gain or difficulty rising in the mornings.

The winter cleanse is simple and a great way to help reestablish balance in the body and mind by introducing 9 days of change into our diets and lifestyle. In Ayurveda, it is suggested that we do not do a full intensive cleanse during the winter season. Are bodies still need daily fuel to stay warm and keep are immune systems strong. So it is in this cleanse we eat nourishing clean meals that are designed to balance the increase of Kapha and help reset the digestion so that we may continue to absorb nutrients that will put the body, mind and spirit back into balance.