Travis Hamel Olsen

I left the entrepreneurial life in 2013 in search of what I consider to be life’s ultimate pursuit – happiness. Since then, I’ve studied under enlightened Buddhist lamas, taken medicine with a Peruvian shaman, and been trained as a yoga teacher from a Himalayan Master. The journey continues, and I have found that happiness (or liberation) isn’t the goal.


In classes, I use a variety of trainings to guide people towards their true teacher, the inner teacher. I remind them of what they already know to be True.


All sizes, fitness levels, religious backgrounds, etc. are welcome. Come to exercise, stretch, restore, explore, or just have fun… Whatever your reason for coming, you’ll feel more alive after the class than you did before it.


Thank you to my main teachers: Lama Mark Webber (Youngdu Chokyi Gyaltsen), Tarchin Hearn, Guru Vishvketu, and my inner teacher.